Natural qualities available.

The first and only EU Natural Nootkatone available for Fragrance applications

  • 98% purity, in line with IFRA’s monograph
  • ISO natural compliance to support global launches
  • High puritiy and consistent sensory profile
  • Meeting your requirements for renewable, sustainable and natural ingredients


98% purity

Fully approved for use in fragrances

Distinctive citrus and woody profile


85% purity

Complex citrus profile

Underlying woody and fresh aromas

the power
of Evolva’s


Unlocking the potential of Nootkatone

Nootkatone, the key aromatic molecule of grapefruit, is traditionally extracted from citruses but its use has been very limited (limited supply, high and volatile price…).
Evolva’s precision fermentation technology allows the production of Natural Nootkatone in large quantities, with a competitive and stable price.

A clean and consistent profile

Evolva’s Natural Nootkatone has a characteristic woody and citrusy profile which brings a fresh top note and a long lasting base note to your fragrances.

In line with consumers expectations

Naturally derived from sugar via a sustainable fermentation process, Natural Nootkatone by Evolva allows you to develop fragrances aligned with consumer’s expectations.

Why choose Natural Nootkatone by Evolva

Solving the supply chain challenges

Worldwide grapefruit production has massively decreased over the past years, mainly because of climate changes (freezing, hurricanes…) and the propagation of the citrus greening disease. In parallel, the natural content of Nootkatone in grapefruit has also been decreasing.

Therefore, today, there is just not enough Nootkatone available from nature to meet the demand and the little available is cost prohibitive. Thanks to precision fermentation, Evolva makes Nootkatone available all year long and at a fraction of the cost of the citrus derived Nootkatone.

Meeting your quality expectations

When traditionally extracted from the skin of grapefruits and other citruses, the quality of Nootkatone can significantly vary from one batch to the other depending on parameters such as geographical origin (South America, Europe, Middle East…) and weather-related crop variations (droughts, floods, sunshine…).

Other quality issues such as contamination with pesticides or heavy metals can pose a problem when Nootkatone is extracted from the skin of citruses.
Thanks to precision fermentation, Evolva can offer a year-over-year quality consistency, with the lowest possible levels of contaminants.

Answering demand for sustainability

Grapefruits and other citruses only contain very small amounts of Nootkatone.
Moreover, the farming of citruses heavily relies on irrigation and the use of pesticides to prevent the greening disease. Because thousands of kilograms of grapefruits are needed to produce a single kilogram of Nootkatone, the environmental impact is tremendous.

Biotechnology enables Evolva to use wildly available sugar as the raw material to reduce the requirements down to a few kilograms of sugar to make 1 kilogram of Nootkatone, drasticly improving sustainability. Evolva also uses the cleanest production process possible (no use of harsh or controversial solvents, or additives) to make the most natural and pure Natural Nootkatone available on the market.

Complying with the highest
regulatory requirements

Evolva complies with the strictest regulatory requirements to offer our ingredients throughout the world and support your customer’s global launches. Evolva is an independent and reliable supplier that offers the flexibility and responsiveness needed to support your business growth.

“Natural Nootkatone by Evolva is a new generation ingredient made via precision fermentation, a natural process that allows to produce high purity, sustainable and competitive natural ingredients, while preserving natural resources.”

Natural Nootkatone by Evolva is available all year long, with a consistent quality, enabling the development of natural fragrances for use in personal care, fine or any other fragrances.

Create your unique fragrances with Evolva!